This blog has been a lot of things. A love story. A new adventure. The journey of a woman becoming comfortable with who she is and what she believes in.

I don't write here as often as I used to, but the stories I've left on these pages have made me who I am. I come back occasionally to put down thoughts and stories.
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This is a love story.

It’s about our friends Mark and Giulia and the courageous journey they took through and out of the dark, steep path of mental illness. I think like most of their friends, we never could have imagined that the always smiling, full of energy Giulia that we had grown to love during our time in San Francisco could be going through this. It felt so sudden. So unexpected. I remember getting the email from Mark that Giulia had been hospitalized and I must have read it a dozen times. I just couldn’t comprehend what they were going through and I didn’t know what to do or what to say. 

Months went by and we only got to see the outermost layer of the battle Mark and Giulia were fighting. Eventually, as Giulia began to find her way through, they did something drastic. They put their lives on hold and went on an around the world trip. We all followed their journey on twitter and their blog. I saw photos of my sweet friend with her hair whipping across her glowing cheeks, that familiar smile returning to her face.

So often in marriage, when the true test of commitment to a spouse is tested, things fall apart. I can thing of few things as devastating as losing a bright, witty, charming wife to the black hole of mental illness -  to have her there physically but somewhere far away mentally.

But Mark fought. and Giulia fought. and they found their way back. Their journey is more heroic than all the fairytales and story books ever written. It’s love. at its best and worst. and it deserves to be shared.



01/17/2012 17:40
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    Tonight is one of my hard nights. The kind of night I don’t expect to pull through from, and yet, I’m lucky enough to...
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    One day I’ll find the strength to write our own version of this love story. We’ve been to that hell and back.
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    As a psych nurse, this is what I wish for every patient I encounter. It is also a reminder of how important it is to...
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    amazing. Thank you, withoutmellissa!!
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    Agh. This made me tear up some. My depressive thinking and anxiety make me, uh… worry, worry a lot about what sort of...
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  15. fields77 said: You have such a beautiful way with words; your heart shines forth magnificently. Beautiful beautiful beauty. Thank you.
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    Love at its best and worst, just like Melissa said. Worth watching.
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