This blog has been a lot of things. A love story. A new adventure. The journey of a woman becoming comfortable with who she is and what she believes in.

I don't write here as often as I used to, but the stories I've left on these pages have made me who I am. I come back occasionally to put down thoughts and stories.
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I Don’t Make Resolutions…

at least not the year over year kind. But here’s 5 things I’d like to accomplish in 2012. 

1. Take the kids somewhere cool in an RV. 

2. Grow a garden big enough that I can share with our new neighbors.

3. Host a dinner party at least every 3 months.

4. Get drunk. ( I know this sounds absurd, but I haven’t done it in three years -what with all the baby growing, baby feeding & baby caring I’ve been responsible for. I drank a cocktail a little fast at dinner with Brent the other night & got so warm and fuzzy feeling for a bit. I kept thinking that I owe it to myself to send both kids to the grandparents one night so that we can let loose and get completely, laugh at everything- I want to dance by myself on the sidewalk- can I sleep in your lap on the way home-silly drunk. )

5. Write letters to people I love and mail them off. It’s been far too long since I took the time to do something like that. 

02/10/2012 20:08
  1. ipromisetowrite said: I want a huge garden now that we are home owners and have a big yard! I have no idea where to begin though. I’m seriously contemplating buying a Gardening for Dummies book.
  2. clementinesandmonkeys said: So many times I think, I wish we were friends. So many.
  3. pinkhotel said: When are you coming to NY? G and I will get you properly NY drunk :)
  4. emilyposts said: be careful with the drinking or you might end up baby makin’ again! :)
  5. withoutmelissa posted this
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